Happy?? Happy!

Are you a Happy person? I mean a true, kick up your heels, knee-slapping, sing at the top of your lungs, happy human? Yeah, me neither… well, not ALL of the time anyway. If I’m going to be honest though, I definitely catch glimpses of this type of joy. I’m even blessed to say a few times a day even.

As many might agree, people tend to experience some type of bliss when watching children or animals exuding sheer joy- whether in real life or via a fabulous youtube video that’s gone viral. I know I do, when I really take stock in my kiddos entertainment. The giggles I hear while playing games or when learning the “latest” Michael Jackson choreo are immeasurable sounds of love that tickle me endless (I mean, what’s not to laugh about Mommy or Daddy busting those moves?).

But really, we should pay heed to these little innocent beings. They have much to teach us all – or should I say RE-teach us. BC that’s right… we’ve all been there…bobbing along in happy-ville! At some point in most of our childhoods we sure did have some high-squealing fun! Don’t ever forget that bc it plays a way bigger role in life than you may imagine.

This reminder is to help battle our bouts of worry and fear. As we get older, responsibilities grow and grow and grow.
*Ugggghhhhh! I just sprouted another gray hair just thinking about it.
BUT- if you can remember in those exact moments of dread to just -STOP!- and breathe. And let your mind wander back to your fun-filled memories of days past or physically walk into the room where your kids or your pets are playing (or laying) and join in the care free attitude, I PROMISE things will literally start to shift inside of you. This is what some metaphysical “woo” types call ‘RAISING YOUR VIBRATION’. In layman’s terms this is when your inner light shines bright due to an uplifting spirit. Sadly, the reverse is always true too.
It’s impossible to sweat the big stuff when you’re in the moment of enjoying the little things. I’m also not so naive to preach that ALL of your problems will disappear with a little coloring book action with the kiddos… BUT in between those worrisome thoughts will come peace and happiness engaging in happy, joyful activities such as these. Eventually these will start to win out over the fears as your norm. It takes time and deliberate practice for this to be a regular existence but I swear it’s more than doable.
Signed, a HUGE Used-to-be-worrier.

Early to Rise

I’m an early riser. I mean really early. Sometimes it’s due to one of my boys. Other times, it’s when I hear the hubs wake up for a middle of the night PB&J. But mostly, it’s just due to my body’s chemistry only needing about 4-5 hours of zzzzz’s every night. I’ve always been pretty thankful for this trait – especially in my 20’s, when clubbing and working 8-5 could happily co-exist. Ohhhh, how my definition of FUN has expanded and changed….

Well, today was a 3:30a start (which is even a bit much for me).

I would’ve thought for sure during this ‘blessing’ of a ridiculously early start to my day, that I’d honour my commitment to self as I do most mornings. This me-time includes but is not limited to: spending time meditating for patience and peace during my day while at work and patience for my special needs evenings at home. Setting up my day’s events and planning out steps to take on any short term goals are ones I wish I was better at applying. But tomorrow’s another day….
Finally, I usually have a heart-to-heart prayer with God for the regular stuff- blessings for my family/ friends, good health, winning the lottery and such but try to really lean in to the answer of ‘how-can-I-best-be-of-service-to-the-world’. All this while enjoying warm hugs from my cup of hot coffee….
But today was different. Instead, here I sat, catching up on my DVR.
Nobody’s perfect, right? Even the most laser-focused, motivated, spiritual individual needs a bit of slack time… I mean, I’m right. Right??

There’s truly something to be said for unplugging from everyday stressors of life while zoning out to *well-scripted soap operas, fake-reality tv, ghost stories, ‘easy’ cooking/ DIY projects, retro game shows or awfully great 80’s movies. These can be some of life’s little gems that save our lives or at least our sanity at times.
Whatever you do, do not discount this laze-craze time bc look at what happened here for me today. In spite of me putting forth my best slacking efforts to good use this a.m., the guilt (perhaps?) of channel surfing actually led me to a realization… that this can actually be a form of self-love and self-care. Am I reaching here? NO, is my quick answer.

As long as your chillin-out activities follow these guidelines, I’ve found your motivation can and probably WILL reconnect with a quicker resurgence of power and will.
*Be gentle with yourself!
*Don’t judge the self-care packaging it comes in (bc let’s face it, it’s not always dressed up as a pedicure or a massage).
*Stop beating yourself up for every little thing you think you’re doing ‘wrong’.
*Be the fighting force that you are for your loved ones- befriend YOUR SELF.

Don’t you deserve some respite loving care? I believe you do! And so do I.

One blogger’s road to somewhere Fun & Lucky

Once upon a time, some fellow co-workers & I (early on in my sales career) headed out for one of our happy hour outings. An ‘elder’ told a story of a previous barber shop visit he’d had of how a few of the old blokes there reminisced of a pal who had passed recently. They all went around telling tales of their friendship with him and ended by using one-word or a short phrase to capture the man’s essence: Solid, a jokester, a story-teller and the like. This ignited our Happy Hour with a challenge of choosing titles for each other and voting on the labels… thus *FUN* Maria was coined. Despite the tagged trait, some are still good friends of mine.
I kid, I kid.

I don’t think it’s probably too surprising to also share that I’ve always LOVED to play games~ board, billiards, darts, euchre, poker, casino games… you name it.
I came, I played, and sometimes, I even conquer.

In addition, my efforts haven’t been in vain~ I’ve won multiple trophies, awards and Mucho Moolah over the years, so the newest nickname that’s been given to me by some of these same friends and some new ones as well, is the *Lucky* one.

But along with these upbeat monikers, comes real life. Which can include mishaps that appear as~ down days, speed bumps that feel like mountain ranges, and one sucker punch after another. Navigating the choppy waters with my Special Needs family life, alongside a full time sales career, and good ol’ life lessons can feel anything but fun or lucky.

So EVERY SINGLE DAY, I pull up my big girl panties and allow some soul-searching moments to flourish, reset and recharge my mindset back to a place of Zen… with any luck, that is.

So if you feel inspired to, please join me as I sift through the sands of life. BC I feel guided to share ideas, give hope, shed some light or simply state my opinion on this prism’d world through my eyes.