The Runaway Thought Train

Quiet meditation in the wee hours of the morning sometimes doesn’t come with “Ohhhhmmmm” and peaceful zen. Sometimes you find your mind traveling to not so pleasant thoughts….
This morning’s zen robbery:
As I inserted decorative sticky tattoos into the tiniest of slits in my Autistic child’s valentines- it occurred to me, no one verified that his Valentine’s Day Party would be today (like his brother’s in kindergarten). Along with the omission of how many kids are in his Autism Resource class plus his homeroom class. Fast forward to – “Hmmm, wonder if we were supposed to decorate a box for him or did they practice and make one with the OT therapists/ teachers in his class like last year?”. Well, too late now… bc here I sit putting final touches on some quickie DIY ideas.
Next to invade the brain:
1) Will the kids in his ‘typical’ class make fun of him if his doesn’t *fit in*?
2) Will he even notice if they do? (Sometimes ignorance really is bliss)…
3) Will he have a good time or will the heightened noises and singing and laughter spark a meltdown?
4) Repeat questions 1 & 2.
To steer the train back on track, I begin with prayers for family/ friends’ peace… or blessings of clean results for loved ones’ health tests…. to magical miracles for all. Which ALWAYS leads me to a heartfelt checklist of everything I’m truly grateful for~ every little and big thing that is right in my world.
So when you need to reel it all in, start your prayers/ mantras/ meditation over and over and over and over again until finally something divine settles in your soul.