How Fear and Worry Can Magnify the WHY in Your Life

This morning’s quiet time consisted of my regular practice of prayer, meditating and allowing my thoughts to travel wherever needed for guidance and/or healing. Sometimes I get ideas for blog posts. Sometimes a song will pop into my brain (& stay there). Sometimes a warmth washes over me like a

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The Runaway Thought Train

Quiet meditation in the wee hours of the morning sometimes doesn’t come with “Ohhhhmmmm” and peaceful zen. Sometimes you find your mind traveling to not so pleasant thoughts…. This morning’s zen robbery:As I inserted decorative sticky tattoos into the tiniest of slits in my Autistic child’s valentines- it occurred to

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One blogger’s road to somewhere Fun & Lucky

Once upon a time, some fellow co-workers & I (early on in my sales career) headed out for one of our happy hour outings. An ‘elder’ told a story of a previous barber shop visit he’d had of how a few of the old blokes there reminisced of a pal

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