Attitude of Gratitude

We’ve all heard this phrase and I can’t preach this practice enough!

Many of us have some pretty crappy circumstances in our orbits but should it rule you? Your actions? Your thoughts?? Haelllll to the NO.
I could list off the (more-than-I-care-to-admit) negatives in my life personally here but why??? Do you (or I) believe focusing on these are going to help strengthen our inner core and fill our souls with love? Haelllll to the NO.
Many of you have heard me say this before but I can’t stress the importance enough:Find ANYTHING you’re grateful for to start with! I honestly don’t care if all you can come up with is your eyesight (bc that’s a pretty huge blessing, if you ask me). As you relax into these thoughts, I promise that something else will pop up…. then something else….. then another….
ALL of your senses perhaps?
Your kids; your Mom; your dog?
What about the internet; your smartphone; technology in general?
The list is endless. And this is truly what separates the oh-woe-is-me victims from the thriving-creators! When you visit this place of peace & love (more and more frequently), your life will transform. The thorns will become the guardians of the rose’s beauty instead of being labeled: the enemy.

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