Happy?? Happy!

Are you a Happy person? I mean a true, kick up your heels, knee-slapping, sing at the top of your lungs, happy human? Yeah, me neither… well, not ALL of the time anyway. If I’m going to be honest though, I definitely catch glimpses of this type of joy. I’m even blessed to say a few times a day even.

As many might agree, people tend to experience some type of bliss when watching children or animals exuding sheer joy- whether in real life or via a fabulous youtube video that’s gone viral. I know I do, when I really take stock in my kiddos entertainment. The giggles I hear while playing games or when learning the “latest” Michael Jackson choreo are immeasurable sounds of love that tickle me endless (I mean, what’s not to laugh about Mommy or Daddy busting those moves?).

But really, we should pay heed to these little innocent beings. They have much to teach us all – or should I say RE-teach us. BC that’s right… we’ve all been there…bobbing along in happy-ville! At some point in most of our childhoods we sure did have some high-squealing fun! Don’t ever forget that bc it plays a way bigger role in life than you may imagine.

This reminder is to help battle our bouts of worry and fear. As we get older, responsibilities grow and grow and grow.
*Ugggghhhhh! I just sprouted another gray hair just thinking about it.
BUT- if you can remember in those exact moments of dread to just -STOP!- and breathe. And let your mind wander back to your fun-filled memories of days past or physically walk into the room where your kids or your pets are playing (or laying) and join in the care free attitude, I PROMISE things will literally start to shift inside of you. This is what some metaphysical “woo” types call ‘RAISING YOUR VIBRATION’. In layman’s terms this is when your inner light shines bright due to an uplifting spirit. Sadly, the reverse is always true too.
It’s impossible to sweat the big stuff when you’re in the moment of enjoying the little things. I’m also not so naive to preach that ALL of your problems will disappear with a little coloring book action with the kiddos… BUT in between those worrisome thoughts will come peace and happiness engaging in happy, joyful activities such as these. Eventually these will start to win out over the fears as your norm. It takes time and deliberate practice for this to be a regular existence but I swear it’s more than doable.
Signed, a HUGE Used-to-be-worrier.